Registration for fall sports will open on August 28th

Sept. 11-Oct 19

  • Girls' Volleyball (7th and 8th grade girls)

  • Cross Country 

  • Boys' Soccer (7th and 8th grade boys)

Oct. 30- Dec 9

  • Wrestling 

Jan. 8- Feb 8

  • Girls' Basketball (7th & 8th grade girls)

March 4-April 4

  • Girls' Soccer (7th & 8th grade girls)

  • Boys' Basketball (7th & 8th grade boys)

April 8-May 22

  • Track & Field

Fees: $20 ASB (Associated Student Body membership) is required.  This fee covers all sports during a school year. 

Physicals:  Students participating in a school sport must have a current Sports Physical on file at KPMS.  These physicals are good for 2 years.

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Please complete the 2023-24 Federal Impact Aid survey

Impact your child’s learning by completing the 2023-24 Federal Impact Aid survey.

A quick survey that takes five minutes to fill out can generate thousands of dollars in funding for textbooks, materials, hiring staff and educators and more military student support. 

All parents who have children enrolled in the Peninsula School District received a Parent Square message inviting them to complete the survey.

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Honor the Veterans in Our Community this Veterans Day


As we observe Veterans Day, the Peninsula School District  is honored to recognize and extend our heartfelt appreciation to the veterans among our staff members and within our community. Your service to our country and dedication to the values we hold dear—excellence, courage, culture, curiosity, and character—inspire us all. We deeply value your remarkable contributions, both during your military service and now within our school community, and are thankful for the example you set for our students. With respect and gratitude, PSD honors your courage, commitment, and service this Veterans Day.

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Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, and we want to honor our students and families with Native American Heritage. 


Did you know? 

  • There are 574 different Native American Tribes in the United States, and 29 of those tribes reside in Washington State.

  • The closest Native American Tribe is the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

  • There are over 200 students at the Peninsula School District with Native American Heritage.

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Absences Add Up


We hope your holidays are filled with joy and unforgettable moments! Let's chat about something important: school attendance, especially around holiday breaks. 🏫✨


We know holiday breaks can be tempting for extra days off, but remember, even a few missed days, even if they're excused, can lead to lost learning opportunities. Your child's education is a gift that keeps on giving. 📆


Consistency in attendance, both before and after holiday breaks, is the secret to your child's future success. It helps them stay on track and maintain positive learning habits. 🚀


We're a community that thrives when we support each other. Let's make a commitment to prioritize school attendance, especially during the holiday season, and ensure a smooth transition back to school life. 


If you have any questions or concerns about attendance or anything else, reach out anytime. 📩

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Celebrating Our School Bus Heroes: Transportation Department Appreciation Week


Join the Peninsula School District as we celebrate School Bus Drivers, Mechanics, and Transportation Department Staff Appreciation Week, taking place from October 16 through October 20.


Our dedicated transportation team plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, comfort, and reliability of our students' daily journeys to and from school. From the skilled mechanics who keep our buses running smoothly to the friendly and caring bus drivers who greet our children each morning, these individuals are vital to our educational community.

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